"I never thought that I'd be doing this."

Hello, ladies! Jennifer Amos here! Thank you for visiting my little corner on the Internet!

Like many of you - I never saw myself pursuing a career in entrepreneurship.

As a Gold Star Daughter, I was raised by a single, immigrant parent since the young age of 10 years old. We lost my father in 1998 while he was serving as an Engineer for the US Navy. In the midst of our sudden lost, our father's ultimate sacrifice had granted my siblings and I with educational benefits. My father's dream to have all three of his children graduate college was realized in 2015 when my sister was the last to earn her Bachelor's degree.

I graduated college in 2011 thinking that I was set up for success.

Three years into my post-college career, I was fired from not one, not two, not three, but four jobs! Each failure hurt more than the next. I thought I was trained for this. What's wrong with me? It was my last layoff when my best friend said,

"I don't think you're meant for a job."

To my fortune, a college friend introduced me to the idea of owning my own business. Business was a foreign word to me at that time - an intimidating one, rather.  But looking at my work history, I knew that I needed to take a chance. I had no options left. So I thought, what do I have to lose?  

I had no idea how to get started. I just knew that I needed something different.

Well, guess what ladies? That was nearly a decade ago. 

Long story short, I'm proud to say that I've had the opportunity to share my journey on multiple media outlets (my favorites being with FedEx Office, The San Diego Union Tribune, NBC 7 San Diego, the San Diego Business Journal, and recently with SDVoyager). My journey also led me to be the youngest keynote speaker for the 2014 San Diego State University Filipino Graduation Ceremony, and recipient of the Emerging Leader Award at the Philippine Library & Historical Heritage Museum’s Fiesta Filipiniana 2015. 

Throughout the years, I have been fortunate to guest speak for multiple media outlets, events and organizations such as the SDSU Entrepreneur Society, Soroptimist International of San Diego, LivingLive.tv, My Sound Future, Ladypreneurs Network San Diego, Inspired2Hustle, South Bay San Diego Leads Club, Radyo Filipino Amerika, and much more.

Entrepreneurship takes an investment, but it doesn't have to be an expensive one.

If you're like me, you were taught at an early age that hiring professional help is a luxury.

"Of the 13 million small businesses that said they had a significant legal event, 54 percent did not seek the help of an attorney and 40 percent cited the high cost as the reason," according to the The Legal Needs of Small Businesses Research Study Conducted by Decision Analyst Inc.

I share my story because I am a proud product of someone -with no prior business background, connections or resources - who benefits from accessible, dependable and affordable legal services. As I continue to build my businesses, I'm also here to educate and empower you, my fellow business ladies, with the legal resources that are available to us today.

Yes, you can and deserve to have big business resources on a small business budget.

Speaking of which, tell me more about you!

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